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Cybersecurity Community ISAC Initiatives

Tim Lane (SCU) and Ashley Deuble (Griffith) are continuing to work with the CoP to progress a range of initiatives in support of a Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) related functions. 

Currently a trial of an automated cyber threat intelligence sharing platform (MISP is being led by AusCERT with nine participating universities. The MISP system allows indicators of compromise from potential cyber threats to be exchanged in near real time across technology based protection systems such as firewalls. In the recent Wannacry attack, several universities were able to leverage AusCERT’s cyber threat intelligence and MISP platform to avert exploitation.

While AusCERT is leading the charge with the MISP pilot, Griffith as a participant is also leveraging a student based project to run up MISP so that it can be virtualised and documented, allowing other Universities to more easily install MISP in their institution. 

There are a range of other CoP ISAC activities which have been identified and are being planned for progression, including a central repository for documentation sharing, working collaboratively on improving incident management handling processes and several other related initiatives.