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Cyber Security Intelligence Sharing in the Australian University Sector

Tim Lane (SCU) and Ashley Deuble (Griffith Uni) attended and presented last week at the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) conference in Canberra a paper titled ‘Cyber Security Intelligence Sharing in the Australian University Sector’.  

The presentation was provided as an overview on the ongoing initiatives and efforts that are being made to establish an improved level of information sharing within the HE sector in Australia to assist with cybersecurity operations.   It touched on the current state of cyber in Universities, requirements for information sharing, the research we conducted in USA for best practice, what the Cybersecurity CoP is doing and how we are engaged with several entities (such as AusCERT, AARNet, CAUDIT, QUDIT, REN-ISAC etc.) to progress this effort at the CoP level.

The conference had a very large audience (1600 or so) and the presentation itself was relatively well attended (8 streams so lots of competition!).  A member of the ACSC Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) encouraged them to continue along the path and said that ASD would be interested in being kept informed and involved in how we progress in the future.

Download the presentation slides here