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Creating a Connected Student and Staff Experience Using Dell Boomi!

Ms Nicole Fishers
Flinders University

Most Higher Education institutions are undertaking significant transformation of their businesses

Flinders University’s technology roadmap is based on a five-year digital strategy which will help us deliver personalised and customised education experiences to around 27,000 students throughout their entire journey – from prospect to graduate; and enable staff to deliver these services in a timely, efficient  and empowered way. Robust and seamless integration is key to both delivering a connected student and staff experience and keeping pace with the ever growing digital expectations of our workforce and customers. The starting point for this initiative revolved around our cloud rst strategy; with new systems utilising SaaS and where possible existing systems to be migrated to the cloud. However, we quickly realised that moving to the cloud was just the rst step and we needed a means of connecting applications quickly and seamlessly with one another, both SaaS and on-premise, in order to provide a unified experience for our users. Integration in this hybrid environment meant we needed to look for simpler and faster ways to connect our systems.

The Boomi integration platform is allowing us to quickly integrate both our cloud-based applications and on-premise applications creating a modern and user centric environment through which students can learn effectively and staff are able to deliver the right services at the right time.

Boomi allows us to rapidly develop re-usable components which can be quickly deployed to connect systems along with providing tools to support API management and data management.

The ability to keep pace with changing technology’s and user experience expectations rapidly and with as little user impact as possible is one of the keys to an adaptive enterprise.

This presentation will take you through how Flinders University’s is utilising the agility and flexibility that Boomi brings to create a connected student and staff experience.