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Corporate Documents

CAUDIT Strategic Plan

To download a copy of the latest Strategic Plan visit the dedicated webpage here.

CAUDIT Public Policies

Policy on ARCS eResearch Services - view here

EDUROAM National Policy for Australia and New Zealand - view here

CAUDIT Privacy Policy v1.1 - view here

CAUDIT Copyright Policy v1.2 - view here

CAUDIT Conflict of Interest Policy v1.2 - view here

CAUDIT Refund Policy v1.3 - view here

CAUDIT Supporting Communities of Practice Policy v1.3 - view here

CAUDIT Representation Policy - view here

CAUDIT Guidelines

CAUDIT Procurement Guidelines - view here

Guidelines for CAUDIT Vendor Relationship Program - view here

Seminars and Workshops Organised by CAUDIT - view here

CAUDIT Annual Reports

2019 Annual Report - view here

2018 Annual Report - view here

2017 Annual Report - view here

2016 Annual Report - view here

2013 Annual Report - view here

2012 Annual Report - view here

2011 Annual Report - view here

2010 Annual Report - view here


CAUDIT Constitution - view here

CAUDIT Full Member Organisations - view here