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Connecting and Converging: A Bespoke Approach to Extending the Institutional Repository into the Enterprise Through the Exploitation of the Library Services Platform with Business Process Innovation

Poster Summary
As universities strive to increase efficiencies, streamline processes and maximise visibility and accessibility of research activities, behind the scenes key stakeholders collaborate to jointly develop and implement easy to use, flexible and responsive integrated services. The Research Outputs Repository is now the institutional source of truth for capture and reporting of research outputs and associated metadata at the University of South Australia. Exploiting and integrating functionality of existing systems has led to improved engagement, visibility, data quality and timely reporting, by innovatively connecting and extending systems to produce a bespoke service.
This poster addresses the THETA 2017 conference stream of The Next Generation Library, with focus on Quality through innovation, Scholarly communication and Strategic access and discovery partnerships.

Poster Abstract
In 2015, Library and Information Strategy and Technology Services in collaboration with key stakeholders across the University undertook to deliver an integrated multi-faceted service to streamline the timely collection, management, and reporting of research outputs. The underlying ethos was to increase the visibility of and access to UniSA research outputs whilst decreasing the administrative burden under the mantra “Enter once, Reuse often”.
Environmental drivers included extending the institutional repository from a traditional publications archive into the source of truth for research outputs for surfacing into various systems. Therefore the metadata is not just descriptive, and includes administrative metadata and links to associated research datasets, ORCiD and funding bodies. Rather than implementing a commercial vendor system, a bespoke service was developed by exploiting the functionality and extending the use of existing systems: the Alma library service platform; Primo discovery service; integrations with the HR system; and Appian business process management software. Associated enhanced services delivered by the system include DOI minting for datasets and grey literature; and metrics harvesting from Web of Science, Scopus and Altmetrics. Quality requirements for all downstream systems are assured through Alma’s validation tools and API services together with exceptions reporting.
Our “one-stop-shop” approach has contributed to increased engagement with the University’s Open Access policy as researchers are prompted to submit post-prints to maximise visibility of their research. Bi-directional links between the Research Outputs Repository and the University’s Data Access Portal enables research datasets to be associated with the outputs. Research outputs with citation metrics and affiliation metadata visualised in collaboration maps are surfaced into staff home pages. The combination of Library expertise relating to the collection and management of research outputs with technology expertise related to business process innovation has resulted in UniSA now having a streamlined and easy-to-use system serving multiple stakeholders.