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Compnow - Secure, Automated and Intelligent Ethernet Fabric Networks, with Extreme Networks

Kent Plummer, Devin Akin


Within today’s IT environments, the network is o en seen as a roadblock to innovation and business agility. Many of these networks are vulnerable to outages and security compromises, lack efficiency and are complex to manage. Surprisingly 85% of enterprises still use the CLI as the primary form of operations. This presentation examines the advantages of moving from a traditional network design to an Ethernet Fabric based Automated Campus solution.

The Extreme Networks Campus Automation solution is a new way to design, operate and manage networks with built-in automation, security and analytics that is far superior to any other technology that exists in the market today. A key element of the Automated Campus is an Ethernet Fabric, which provides a secure, future-proof foundation to deal with today’s mega-trends of IoT, cloud, big data, mobility and video.

Ethernet Fabric-based networks are the successor in the campus to a diverse set of protocols developed over the history of networking. Each of these was designed to solve a specific challenge at the time of their development, resulting in a disjoint in the evolution of network functions. These include such popular and widely-deployed capabilities as Multi- Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) and many more – all of which work, in the general sense, but all of which include a high degree of interdependency and complexity that invites the opportunity for error and fragility with consequential unnecessary costs. Instead, Extreme has applied a single protocol – Shortest Path Bridging (SPB) as part of their Ethernet Fabric solution. The result is simplified provisioning with increased agility, greater security via hyper- segmentation, and a more reliable high performing network that has built-in application analytics. All of these factors drive down the cost of network operations.

This presentation reviews the traditional way of operating multi-tenanted large campus networks and then looks at the modern alternative with an Automated Campus using Ethernet Fabric technology from Extreme Networks.

(A copy of this presentation is unfortunately not available).