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Collaborate with Enterprise Architecture Community

The Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice is collaborating on:

  • establishing a charter for the annual Symposium
  • proposing a sharing policy to the CAUDIT executive, following recommendations captured from the ea2012 Connecting, Sharing, and Collaborating Workshop (see for details)
  • an Application Classification Framework
  • mechanisms for creating sector models for higher education
  • partnering with ITANA to create a regional chapter

We also have an CAUDIT Enterprise Architecture Community subgroup at LinkedIn underneath the main CAUDIT group there, and membership requests from CAUDIT member university email addresses are approved automatically. This is a low-traffic group. Visit for details.

The Enterprise Architecture Community of Practice has established a Yammer network for Enterprise Architecture in Higher Education, with a growing membership and increasingly-active discussion threads. Interested people are invited warmly to join at
There is a lot happening between now and the ea2015 Symposium at Monash. This year’s Symposium will again bring together the Enterprise Architecture community from across the region. In the meantime, we’re all looking forward to the sharing and collaboration that keeps us together as a rich and distributed community.

For more informaton on the EA COP please contact Ric Phillips Chair or Jeff Kennedy Deputy Chair.