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2020 Schedule

The proposed program for 2020 is listed below - The value of this program is really embedded within the sector now and we are hoping that the demand for the program in 2020 will follow that seen in 2019 where we were able to run two back-to-back cohorts.  This ensures that the intimate group size (a pivotal component of the program) isn't impacted, and also allows for the two groups to overlap and maximise the on-campus networking sessions.  Great value for everyone!

If numbers are sufficient for two cohorts, the schedule will look like the image below.  If only one cohort is planned for, the schedule will look similar to Group B of the image below.

The actual locations of each face to face session is selected after applications have closed and are determined by which institutions apply to the program.  For this reason the dates also may vary depending on host availability, however, the schedule generally incorporates two sessions held in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne and one regional location.  Participants are expected to attend all face-to-face sessions and participate in all online one on one coaching to successfully complete the program.

Download a copy of the proposed 2020 schedule