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Join the sector’s trusted Cyber Threat Intel Sharing Initiative, AusCERT CAUDIT-ISAC

The CAUDIT Information Sharing and Analysis Centre (ISAC) is a dedicated threat intelligence sharing group for universities. Benefit from experienced AusCERT analysts who will help you utilise indicators of compromise to mitigate threats in your environment, saving you time and resources.  Up-skill your team with AusCERT’s ongoing cybersecurity training on the technologies used for the ISAC (see below model info-graph)

Community success story:

"In response to a CAUDIT-ISAC member’s report of a lookalike domain being used to defraud their suppliers, AusCERT was able to uncover more than 50 domains that matched the behaviour of the original domain, targeting multiple other CAUDIT-ISAC members. Using this information, members were able to warn their suppliers, while AusCERT liaised with the registrars and law enforcement to have the domains shuttered.”

Success in numbers (the story so far):

  • 1,900 events curated for the sector
  • 200,000+ attributes; each an opportunity to spot malicious behaviour
  • 35,000 correlations; track malicious actors across campaigns

It’s not too late to get involved, contact AusCERT at to express your interest and join the initiative! Or visit our website