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The CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP are collaborating on two initiatives

The CAUDIT Cybersecurity CoP  are collaborating on two initiatives.  One is the CAUDIT Top Ten issue of ‘Information Security’ and the other is working in conjunction with CAUDIT and AusCERT on AusCERT’s proposed Information sharing Analysis Centre (ISCAC). 

The Top Ten initiative involves a combination of a survey, workshops, research and the Cybersecurity Chair, Tim Lane entering a mentoring arrangement with QUT Director ITS, Chris Bridge.  The initiative involves looking at broad Information Security issues from a CIO perspective and aims to identify sector relevant responses to some of the problems.  A report will be completed prior to the CAUDIT Spring meeting. 

The second initiative surrounding AusCERT’s ISAC involves a survey and workshop with University members to further determine viability, requirements and a services and operations Charter which reflects the needs of the University community. An ISAC is a trusted, sector specific entity which provides to its constituents a capability that establishes the sector’s specific information and intelligence requirements for incidents, threats and vulnerabilities. A Security Operations Centre (SOC) will also be looked at which will enhance the ISAC by providing a proactive capability for monitoring and responding to threats.

The ISAC initiative has the potential to be instrumental in contributing significantly to both Cybersecurity operations at Universities as well as assist in increasing in Executive awareness and action on broad based enterprise risk management associated with Cybersecurity, via identified threat exposure and mitigating controls required.