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Beyond Support to Partnership - Proactive Engagement with the Research Community

Initiative Overview

As ICT Business Engagement Manager (Research), Sheila has established and built an innovative and flexible model of engagement and partnership with the research community and external network. Using a multi-dimensional, multi-tiered ecosystem approach, she engages internal and external stakeholders to actively explore, discuss and utilise technology to accelerate research efforts; advise and guide on strategic directions, plans and technology services, as well as connect people, process and plans to achieve greater goals. Internally, she works across the full range of the community from College Associate Pro-Vice- Chancellors of Research, Dean of Graduate Research School, Executive Directors and leadership teams to research groups, individual researchers and postgraduate students. Externally, she proactively engages with technology vendors, innovators and forums as well as state and national organisations to source the latest technology, seek collaborations, broaden the research ecosystem network and promote La Trobe’s research.  Given the innovative nature of research, employing a partnership model to proactively engage with researchers to explore new technologies that can enhance and accelerate their discoveries opens up a new dimension for ICT to build relationships, trust and mutual understanding with the research community.  Researchers are now able to approach ICT for services beyond the traditional operational requests and are excited by the prospect of working collaboratively with technology experts for their research. Operating at strategic, tactical and operational tiers, this sustainable model utilises expertise within an ecosystem of internal and external resources that updates and scales with time as new technologies emerge and partnerships identified.

Beyond Support to Partnership