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Australia and New Zealand Digital Literacies Community of Practice

Lightning Round Session

Would you like to take part in a community of practice on digital literacies? Come along and hear about Digital Literacies ANZ; the Webinars that have already been delivered, the partnerships built and the outcomes as a result. Take this opportunity to meet and network with likeminded professionals.

In 2015 The Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) Learning and Teaching Advisory Committee and La Trobe University hosted separate well-attended and successful webinars on digital literacy with La Trobe also hosting a seminar. Participants at all events were supportive of further webinars and collaborations in regard to digital literacy. As a result The CAUL Learning and Teaching Advisory Committee and La Trobe University Library started conversations around building a community of practice for digital literacies.

The CAUL Learning and Teaching Advisory Committee aimed to build a self-sustaining community of practice, with a life-long learning focus inclusive of digital practitioners from all educational settings (i.e. primary, secondary, tertiary and workplace).

The intention was to create a space for practitioners to collaborate, share and brain storm issues and initiatives around digital literacy in education including digital capabilities as part of lifelong learning.
Have you already participated in one of the Webinars? Then use this opportunity to come along and share your experiences.

Title (a)
Learning As We Go – Forming The Digital Literacies ANZ Community Of Practice

This talk will outline the lessons learned in setting up and developing the Digital Literacies ANZ Community of Practice (CoP), and the steps taken to achieve a “critical mass” of discussion, to enable the CoP to be self-sustaining. We will cover the selection and evaluation of a range of discussion channels, marketing and communication to diverse groups of digital practitioners, and the selection of webinar topics of interest to all sectors. There will be a particular focus on the steps taken after the CoP commenced, and the aspects that needed to be revaluated “on the fly”.

Author: Michael Arndell, Associate Director, Academic Services, University of Sydney Library.

Title (b)
What Do Digitally Literate Staff And Students Look Like?

This talk will outline the process and outcome of an audit of university staff digital capability and practice at La Trobe University. The audit included stakeholder meetings, focus groups and a staff survey. The audit was part of a process designed to increase conversations around understanding staff and student digital literacies, and their importance, across the university.

Author: Fiona Salisbury, Deputy Director, Learning and Engagement, Library, La Trobe University.