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Augmented Reality Based Laboratory for Geotechnical Engineering Education

A/Prof Jayan S Vinod,
Mr Ross Franks, Mr Joshua Hummel, Mr Daniel Judge, Mr Dhammika Ruberu

University of Wollongong 

We have chosen AR as the most suitable technology due to four key reasons, namely AR enable us to:

  • Bring large laboratory equipment to tutorials that is impossible to do in real life

  • Allow students view the equipment in detail allowing us to hone in on the key components as they appear in real life and to scale

  • Allow student interaction with the equipment that is not normally possible in laboratory classes due to OH&S reasons and large class sizes.

  • Boost student engagement through interactivity, motivating them to be independent learners

    When developing the prototype simulation to carry out Direct Shear Test, we have started the process by creating a 3D model of the testing equipment using Blender. To bring authenticity to the 3D model and to enhance the student experience the model had realistic colouring and an aged look applied to it using Substance Painter.

    In this project, the key challenge was to design an effective system interface where only the user’s gaze, voice, and hand gestures can be used as inputs. As most users of this tool will be unfamiliar with AR, the interface needed to be intuitive and has to ease them into working with AR objects. Therefore, a work ow has been developed to capture a 2D version of user’s visualisation in AR for any additional and accurate assistance.

    Expected outcome of this project is a us- er-friendly AR so ware for geotechnical laboratory experiments. We aim to pilot the application in Autumn session of 2019.

    (A copy of this presentation is unfortunately not available).