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Altmetrics - Capturing the Influence of Australian Research and Celebrating Achievements

Mrs Stephanie Guichard

Digital Science

Introduction: Altmetrics are metrics and qualitative data, complementary to citations and traditional bibliometrics. They measure the online attention to scholarly content mentioned in traditionally non- academic platforms such as news, social media and policy documents. Altmetrics illustrate how o en scholarly outputs like articles, books and datasets are discussed in various platforms and can be used to mark achievements, celebrate collaborations and showcase institutional networks. For that reason, altmetrics have been incorporated into researchers’ websites, institutional repositories, media communication channels, journal websites, and other sites.

This presentation will explore altmetrics data for Australian research published in 2017 in the top 5 journals. We will discuss the rate of online engagement, the most popular platforms for sharing Australian research, and where in the world Australian research is most mentioned in news, public policy, Facebook and Twitter and how these outcomes should be celebrated and showcased.

Methods: Extracted data from Dimensions, a linked research insights tool, 4,214 publications published in 2017 by authors from Australian institutions in the country’s five most popular journals (Scientifc Reports; PLoS One; Heart, Lung & Circulation; RSC Advances; and bioRxiv). The article identifiers were imported into the Altmetric Explorer database, a leading resource for finding and analysing altmetrics data.

Results: Overall, 2,452 (58.1%) of articles have attention in sources that Altmetric tracks. The articles gathered 55,387 mentions overall.  In terms of demographics engaging with Australian research, results indicated the following: 49,505 tweets from 167 countries; 1,771 Facebook posts; 2,935 news stories by 664 unique news outlets; |and 30 policy documents across 5 countries. The presentation will include detailed maps showcasing global engagement with Australian research. Conclusions: Overall, Australian-authored research from 2017 demonstrated great international influence across a variety of stakeholder groups.

Altmetrics offer a unique view onto the engagement with domestic research and should be considered as part of any organisation’s larger reporting and evaluation plans.