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AHECS Overview

AHECS is the partnership of CAUDIT, AARNet, AusCERT, REANNZ and AAF to help enable institutions achieve benefits of scale in cyber risk mitigation though collaboration and coordination.  This will enhance their capability to improve cyber resilience, sustain operations and mitigate cyber threat impact (proactively and reactively) on students, staff, third parties such as other universities, government, industry, teaching and research in a continuous, evident and rapidly evolving threat environment.

This will be achieved by coordinating the substantial human assets from within the higher education sector along with advice from government and industry to inform direction, advocate, share intelligence, reduce barriers to the implementation of good practice, identify and act on capability gaps, and holistically defend the sector from continuously evolving cyber security threats.

This coordinated approach, leveraging established frameworks (NIST) and backed by motivated experts and organisations with a long-term track record of delivery can make a significant positive difference.  Strong integration with other initiatives, including relevant guidelines developed by the University Foreign Interference Taskforce, further improves efficiency of activity and supports continued evolution in addressing the cyber threat landscape.

Through the AHECS initiative, CAUDIT, AusCERT, AARNet, REANNZ and AAF will deliver targeted cybersecurity-related services in:  engagement, advocacy and advice, support and operations, and training.