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Agile Will Break Your People, Processes And Structure … But That’s OK!


Agile was once considered a fad and popular in the realms of crazy start-ups with cowboy coders, but now agile methodologies and working in an agile way are being adopted across all industry sectors.

Quite frankly ‘Agile is the new black’.

Agile has drawn its fair share of advocates and opponents and both are as passionate about their views as each other. Agile will not help you with disengaged people, poor culture or low levels of capability – its not a silver bullet.  But it will improve your teams work quality, timeliness and your customer’s satisfaction.

Agility in delivery and agile customer focus need to be adapted to the changing context of the new enterprise, this means that stuff will break.  Agile will break your people, your processes and your org structures – but that’s ok.

This session will present one research institution’s journey, the issues we faced transitioning to an agile workforce within the constraints of a long standing waterfall mindset.  We will share our experiences breaking down our thinking, changing our culture and the powerful effect that Agile has on delivery and adoption.  Finally we will share our experiences with the power of a customer-centric structure and culture.