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Agile Business Relationship Management – getting more value with less effort

Every organisational and IT leader today faces the continual challenge of IT projects over spending and under delivering.  This behaviour causes poor adoption and underutilisation of solutions, perpetuating manual and inefficient work practices, and failing to provide the operational efficiencies every organisation needs in order to survive.

Everyone is searching for ways to deliver more business value from IT investments and more efficiently achieve their business goals.

By combining an agile way of working with business relationship management, Monash University have evolved from traditional waterfall IT projects with mediocre success, to a collaborative, agile and highly successful project environment where joint teams focus on and regularly deliver business value.  Business-IT collaboration and trust has improved across Monash and the approach has been so successful that more Faculties are asking to come on board with this new way of working.

In this presentation I will share Monash University’s journey, some tips and discuss the three key factors behind our success;
– Relationships are key
– Make it all about business value
– continual iterative delivery of value