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An Academic Librarian’s Experience

Poster Summary:
This presentation is a personal account of my experience as an academic librarian, providing personalised support for academic staff within a blended learning environment. The presentation will share the current status of my initiative in a Faculty-specific environment and some future implications for the project experience to be extended.

Poster Abstract
The term ‘blended professional’ first coined by Celia Whitchurch in 2009, defined the role of Academic Librarians to be a combination of information literacy instructors, administrators and support staff. This presentation highlights my personal experience of being a part of a “blended learning” initiative within the Peter Faber Business School at ACU. As a blended professional, I worked in partnership with academics, e-learning advisors and other librarians. This was a key element within the defined approach of a blended professional along with the opportunity to engage with academics, partnering in resource and curriculum development. The delivery of curriculum was reviewed with an aim to reduce the face-to-face lecture and enhance in-class and online application of critical thinking skills. My role developed from providing information literacy instruction to providing guidance in the use of digital technologies within Moodle. This was a collaborative initiative between the academics and academic e-learning advisors on a common platform to enable the integration of blended eLearning digital technologies.
This experience fits well with the topic of Technology innovation and service management because providing academics with a just-in-time approach to integrating open access and library subscription resources at a point-of-need is a new personalised approach for both, the Library and the academics at ACU. The focus of the blended learning project is to enable independent student learning using digital technologies to find, use and share information. My role was to embed assistance within the curriculum planning level. As Chua (2016) reflects, “early collaboration and preparation are critical for building academic capacity in digital literacy”. This was a key success factor for building and sustaining an on-going partnership with the School.