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Session Synopsis

2020 CAUDIT Spring Members Meeting

Session Synopsis


Speaker: Gerald Khoury, PhD, Senior Executive Advisor, Info-Tech Research Group 
Session Title: CIO Time Study: Where do the most successful CIO’s spend their time?
Synopsis: Do you know where you should be spending your time in order to improve stakeholder satisfaction? It may not be where you think. Our research comparing high and low performing CIO’s, clearly reveals how you should allocate your time to measurably improve stakeholder satisfaction.

Speaker: Steven Miller, Chief Operating Officer, Microsoft Australia
Session Title: Supporting Resilient Operations - Helping business respond to COVID-19 
Synopsis: Coming off the back of recent bushfires, the COVID-19 crisis is a particularly hard blow for Australia. Our platform and tools enable organisations of all sizes to build the digital capability required to address new challenges. We also recognise the importance of staying connected and the role technology can play in keeping us united. Steven Miller will share how Microsoft Australia is supporting our customers and partners, our community and each other during these unprecedented times.


Speaker: Debra Bordignon, Chief Technology Officer, NTT Global
Session Title:  Student X - Imagining the future of the student experience 
Synopsis: As the future horizon comes into view, universities are considering the paradigm shifts characterizing this next era, re-calibrating their purpose and identifying what parts of their operations need to transform their models for research and learning. In this session, Debra Bordignon, Senior Vice President - Strategy, Innovation and Technology for NTT Australia will share her insights into the emerging trends in the sector and how innovation is playing a key part as it transitions from responding to the current challenges into re-imagining a new era of student experience.

Speaker: Zlatko Skrbiš, Interim Provost
Session Title: Facing the Future: Higher Education System in the post-Covid Era
Synopsis: As incoming Vice Chancellor of ACU, Prof. Zlatko Skrbis holds unique insights into the challenges and opportunities that ACU and the higher education sector is facing into the future. In this keynote, he will examine the internal and external factors affecting us all, what will change and stay the same, how we can respond to the feelings and needs of our communities, and what governments expect from us.  In particular, he will explore how we can bring this all together to become the masters of our own destiny, and the important role technology will play in this transformation.