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Award Categories

Improving Student Success

The CAUDIT Award for Improving Student Success recognises creative initiatives and innovative developments which have resulted in increased academic success rates across a broad cross-section of the higher education student demographic. The award seeks to celebrate individuals or IT teams whose project outcomes have addressed some of the challenges faced by students and helped improve student success.

  • Our 2019 recipients are using their prize to fund internships on IT projects.

Innovation in Teaching and Learning

The CAUDIT Award for Innovation in Teaching and Learning celebrates digital innovations which have had a transformative effect on teaching and learning activities in the higher education and research sector. Tell us how you are innovating in how academics teach and students learn.

  • Our 2019 recipients are using their prize to contribute toward staff training on the ITIL 4 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management and Microsoft MD-101T00 – Managing Modern Desktops.

Excellence in Research Support

The CAUDIT Award for Excellence in Research Support recognises excellence in the application or innovative use of digital technology in support of research activities within the membership. What has been done that has had a positive impact on how research is undertaken?

  • Our 2019 recipients are using their prize for a Team Building and Strategy Retreat for their winning research centre team.

Operational Excellence

The CAUDIT Award for Operational Excellence celebrates achievements in transformation and improving the productivity of either some part or the whole of the organisation. Size isn't what is important here, it's outcomes and impact. 

  • Our 2019 recipients are using their prize for Group Coaching and Mentoring Development for the Robotic Process Automation team.

Emerging Leader

The CAUDIT Award for Emerging Leader celebrates outstanding leadership achievements of CAUDIT Leadership Institute (CLI) graduates. The award seeks to recognise an emerging leader in IT within the higher education and research sector who has demonstrated that they have taken their learnings from their participation in the CLI and built upon this to provide leadership and vision to their colleagues. They may have ‘gone out on a limb’, or supported a collective effort to lead their team to achieve more than they have previously, or led a new initiative through to success, or introduced some significant change.

  • Our Emerging Leader recipient for 2019 is attending the EDUCAUSE Leading Change Institute 2020.