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2017 CHEITA Study Tour

CAUDIT is participating in the 2017 CHEITA Study Tour of institutions located on the east coast of the USA in partnership with our international counterparts in Canada, the UK, Europe, South Africa and the USA, coinciding with the EDUCAUSE 2017 Conference in Oct/Nov this year.

The EDUCAUSE conference is being held from 31 October 2017 to 3 November 2017, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – see – providing the opportunity to visit premier institutions (and potentially vendor campuses) in north eastern states/cities of e.g. Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, New York, Boston etc in the days immediately after the conference close.

Download the 2017 CHEITA Study Tour Travel Pack

2017 Study Tour Host Visit Documents

For further information on this study tour, please contact Steven Wojnarowski ASAP -


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