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2014 Spring Meeting Agenda

CAUDIT Spring Members Meeting / MEETING THEME: Sustainability in Higher Education: challenges and opportunities.

Tuesday 21st October 2014



12:15pm for
12:30pm start

Pre-meeting Campus Tour – University of Auckland and Auckland University of Technology

Auckland University of Technology (Liz Gosling):  Tour of the Sir Paul Reeves building (Building WG, City Campus). Designed to reflect what students around the world want from their learning spaces, the Sir Paul Reeves Building and the areas within it are flexible, contemporary and invite collaboration. It features one of the most contemporary media teaching and learning spaces in the southern hemisphere.

The location of the Sir Paul Reeves Building can be found here     and then University of Auckland (Stephen Whiteside): Tour of city campus, heritage buildings and upgraded lecture theatres and teaching spaces.


DAY 1: Wednesday 22nd October 2014                                Day 1 facilitated by Anne Kealley

Waitemata Ballroom, The Langham Hotel, Auckland




Registration  Tea and coffee will be available in the Waitemata Pre-function Area.

10:00am (5 min)

Housekeeping         Anne Kealley
                                CEO, CAUDIT

10:05am (5 min)

Welcome:               Michael Kirby-Lewis
                               President, CAUDIT

10:10am (40 min)

Keynote:                 A changing World

Speaker:                 Judy Stokker
                                Deputy Vice-Chancellor Technology, Information & Learning Support, QUT

10:50am (20 min)

Morning Tea  Barista sponsored by Cognizant   

11:10am (20 min)

Session:                 A shared understanding of CAUDIT
                                An introduction to CAUDIT – for new members

Speaker:                 Michael Kirby-Lewis
                                President, CAUDIT

11:30am (40 min)

Session:                  Educause Highlights for CAUDIT

Speaker:                  Mark Gregory
                                CIO, University of Adelaide 

12:10pm (60 min)

Lunch  Sponsored by Microsoft   .

1:10pm (30 min)

Session:                   Changing the shape of IT at the University of Auckland, creating an “Integrated IT” team

The University of Auckland has redesigned its IT Service Delivery Model (ITSDM) with a focus on consolidating services, improving customer service, enhancing processes and reviewing roles and responsibilities centrally and in the Faculties. In order for the new model to operate effectively, all IT teams across the university need to work as an Integrated IT. A key benefit of the new model is enabling a greater focus centrally and in the faculties on enriching support for Research and Teaching and Learning. This has required significant change management and while we are starting to see positive outcomes, there is still a long way to go on this journey

Speaker:               Liz Coulter
                              Director, IT Services, The University of Auckland

1:40pm (30 min)

Session:                  Sustaining Higher Education in the Absence of Status Quo

The status quo for Australian universities appears not to be sustainable in the face of proposed changes and uncertainty around the structure of funding for tertiary education and research infrastructure, the increasingly globalised market for higher education and disruptions in the nature of teaching. This presentation aims to stimulate thinking about how institutions choose to address these business challenges so that they remain sustainable entities in the higher education and research sectors.

Speaker:                Peter Elford
                               Director, Government Engagement, AARNet

2:10pm (30 min)

Session:                 The CIO, Professionally, Personally

This session reflects on the toolkit of skills a CIO needs, to manage the diversity of business strategy and technology service, and managing large teams.  We focus on the relationship and communication soft skills necessary to convey vision and translate it to strategy.  The breadth of the CIO role is demanding.  We examine techniques a CIO can use, such as mindfulness, to maintain energy and to prosper in a busy and often stressful role

Speaker:                 Stephen Whiteside
                                CIO and Director of Organisational Performance, The University of Auckland

2:40pm (20 min)

Afternoon Tea  Barista sponsored by Cognizant. 

3:00pm (30 min)

Session:                   Using Disruptive Technology to Deliver Sustainable Innovation

In Australia the proposed deregulation of the University sector and reduction in government funding will challenge existing business models and provide both opportunities and risks. If universities are to be sustainable then they will have to innovate in fundamental ways. Making an organisation as complex and large as a university truly `adaptive' is challenging and will require sustainable innovation to meet rising student expectations and intensifying competition.

Speaker:                  Reg Johnston
                                General Manager, Education, Cisco

3:30pm (30 min)

Session:                   Shaping the university of the future

The forces transforming higher education have been building. In a landscape shifted by technology, government policy, globalization and the rise of digital natives, universities are faced with the challenge of reinvention along lines of cost and value, quality, flexibility and relevance. What’s important now, is that we embrace these transformative drivers to shape the university of the future.

Speaker:                Mani Thiru
                               Practice Head - Digital Transformation, Cognizant Consulting ANZ

4:00pm (5 min)

Closing remarks

Speaker:                Anne Kealley
                                CEO, CAUDIT

4:05pm (30 min)

Listening session

  • Strategic Procurement
  • Benchmarking

Networking time.


Networking Drinks   Please join your colleagues for drinks at the pre-function area of the Waitemata Ballroom, The Langham Hotel.


Dinner  Sponsored by ViFX  .


DAY 2: Thursday 23rd October 2014                                 Day 2 facilitated by Steve Johnston

Waitemata Ballroom
The Langham Hotel, Auckland



8:30am (30 min)


9:00am (5 min)

Housekeeping:      Steve Johnston
                               Director, Strategic Procurement, CAUDIT

9:05am (10 min)

Welcome:               Michael Kirby-Lewis
                               President, CAUDIT

9:15am (30 min)

Session:                 Growth and the Sustainability of ICT

QUT has ambitions to increase high quality research and continue to transform learning and teaching towards more online and flexible models that meet student needs. However the diverse activities and initiatives that this has generated has had an inevitable impact on delivery of support services. An overview of the key aspects QUT has considered in the ICT sustainability of such growth considering the organisation’s systems, processes, people and governance structures in support of changing business needs will be provided.

Speaker:                 Chris Bridge
                                Director, Information Technology Services, QUT

9:45am (40 min)

Session:                  Implementing Successful Business Intelligence at AUT

As a rapidly growing university AUT has pursued strategic quantitative decision support for many years via the painful extraction of data from front line systems. This presentation will discuss the pivotal factors in the successful implementation of BI over the last two years which has streamlined and broadened the availability of key information to the entire university; and in addition will demonstrate one of the most high profile tools that was delivered.

Speakers:               Liz Gosling
                               Group Director, ICT Services & CIO and

                                Cliff Ashford
                                Software Development Director
                                Auckland University of Technology

10:25am (20 min)

Session:                   Update on the Microsoft Agreement renegotiation

Summarising changes from the old Agreement and key points on the new Agreement

Speaker:                  Steve Johnston
                                 Director, Strategic Procurement, CAUDIT

10:45am (20 min)

Session:                  Microsoft’s strategy for HE

Speaker:                  Kevin Rodrigo
                                 Account Executive, Higher Education, Microsoft

11:05am (20 min)

Morning Tea  Barista sponsored by Cognizant  .

11:25pm (45 min)

Session:                   AeRO & AeRO Project Update

AeRO plans for the future and an update on the AeRO User Support Project

Speaker:                 Rob Cook
                                Chair, AeRO and Chief Executive Officer, QCIF

12:10pm (60 min)

Lunch  Sponsored by Microsoft  

1:10pm (30 min)

Session:                   How AusCERT can help your organisation with sustainable Information Security

AusCERT is in the process of developing a number of new products and services at the request of members, some of these such as the Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO) are specifically targeted to help Universities with issues around sustainability and improving capabilities around Information Security. This session will outline these new services as well as providing a general AusCERT update for the higher education sector.

Speaker:                  Thomas King
                                 CEO, AusCERT

1:40pm (40 min)

Session:                   2014 Benchmarking Report

The latest on CAUDIT benchmarking and 2013 data collection.

Speakers:               Paul Sherlock
                               Chair, Benchmarking Advisory Committee (BMAC)

                                Steven Wojnarowski
                                Director, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives, CAUDIT

2:20pm (20 min)

Afternoon Tea  Barista sponsored by Cognizant. 

2:40pm (60 min)

Session:                   2014 Working Party reports

Working Party 1: Wireless – Thomas King, UQ
Working Party 2: Digital Literacy – Beena Doolabh, AUT
Working Party 3: Research Support – Paul Hardaker, UWS
Working Party 4: Partnerships & Engagement – Mark Gregory, UoA

Facilitator:              Chris Bridge
                               CIO, QUT

                              Steven Wojnarowski
                              Director, Analytics & Strategic Initiatives

3:40pm (25min)

Session:                  Table discussion on recommendations

Facilitator:              Chris Bridge
                               CIO, QUT

4:05pm (15 mins)

Wrap-up plus time for non-members to leave the room.

Facilitator:           Michael Kirby-Lewis
                            President, CAUDIT

4:20pm (30 mins)

CAUDIT General Meeting
CAUDIT Inc. Full Member Representatives only.
Associate and Affiliate Member Representatives may attend as observers.

Chair:                   Michael Kirby-Lewis
                             President, CAUDIT


Free time


Networking Drinks  Please join your colleagues for drinks at the pre-function area of the Waitemata Ballroom, The Langham Hotel.


Dinner, Dinner is being held at the Number 5 restaurant, 5 City Road, Auckland.  Dinner sponsored by Vantage. 


DAY 3: Friday 24th October 2014                                          Day 3 facilitated by Anne Kealley

Waitemata Ballroom
The Langham Hotel, Auckland




Registration  Barista sponsored by Cognizant. 

9:00am (20 min)

Session:                   Australian Access Federation (AAF) General Meeting
                                 AAF Inc. Member Representatives only.
Speaker:                  Ian Gibson
                                 President, AFF

Speaker:                  Heath Marks
                                 General Manager, AFF

9:20am (5 min)

A short break to allow people to return to the room.

9:25am (5 min)

Welcome:               Michael Kirby-Lewis
                               President, CAUDIT

9:30am (180 min)

Concurrent Session: NZ Directors meeting
Room WG903a, Sir Paul Reeves Building, AUT City Campus                       

Chair:                         Liz Gosling

9:30am (35 mins)

Keynote:                 How AWS supports teaching, learning and research in Higher Education

Amazon Web Services is seeing increased demand for cloud computing services to support ongoing sustainability in the higher education sector. With teaching and learning practice continuing to change and the need to cater for online delivery models increasing, there is a requirement to provide computing that’s affordable, scalable and elastic. Similarly for researchers, having immediate access to compute capabilities that are hugely scalable is driving news ways of innovation. This presentation will detail some of the approaches and examples in higher education teaching, learning and research that are driving sustainability in the sector.

Speaker:                  Mark Ryland
                                Chief Solutions Architect, Worldwide Public Sector, Amazon Web Services

10:05am (25 min)

Session:                   AARNet Access Agreement

An update on the renegotiation of the AARNet Access Agreement.

Chair:                       Michael Kirby-Lewis
                                 CAUDIT Working Group

10:30am (25 min)

Morning Tea  Barista sponsored by Cognizant  .

10:55am (20ins)

Session:               AUSFOG Procurement Hub Project

An update on the status of this project.

Speaker:              Peter Prest
                             Chair, AUSFOG Procurement Hub Project Steering Committee & CFO, University of South Australia
                             (via video)

11:15am (30mins)

Session:                Procurement Update
                              Procurement activities against an IT activity framework.

Speaker:              Steve Johnston
                             Director, Strategic Procurement, CAUDIT 

11:45am (15mins)

Session:              Activity in the South Pacific region

Speaker:              Dr Dilawar S Grewal (Grewal)
                             Vice President (Administration), The University of South Pacific

12:00noon (45 mins)

Session:                 Table discussion – how the quest for sustainability in HE impacts ICT

Facilitator:              Michael Kirby-Lewis
                               President, CAUDIT

12:45pm (5 min)

Completion of meeting survey

12:50pm (10 min)

Closing Remarks:

Speaker:                  Michael Kirby-Lewis
                                 President, CAUDIT

1:00pm (45 min)

Light Lunch  Sponsored by Microsoft  .


Coach transport to domestic and international terminals.